Managing Costs

2022 Costs Are Changing

We remain committed to providing you with a benefits plan that balances the coverage you need with costs that are financially sustainable over the long term.

Many practitioners were closed in 2020 due to COVID-19, which resulted in a surplus in the plan at the end of the year. This surplus was used to either reduce the required increases for 2021, or for some locations, provide a temporary reduction in payroll deductions. Since then, employees’ use of medical services increased significantly as providers reopened. You will see increases to some benefit premiums, starting May 1, 2022. Please review the new premiums online in the Franchise Benefits Store.

You’ll notice that the Franchise Benefits Store has a new look and feel this year. In addition, the re-enrolment process has been simplified, making it faster and easier to choose your benefits.

As always, your benefit costs depend on the options you choose and who you cover. You can see how the rate changes for 2022 affect your personal benefit costs when you re-enrol on the Franchise Benefits Store.

You Can Help Keep Costs Low

While health care costs continue to rise, there are things you can do during the year to help keep your costs down. We encourage you to invest in your health, including:

  • Focus on being and staying healthy. It starts with you. Staying healthy is important to maintaining and improving the quality of life for each of us, and our families.
    • Exercising regularly and making smart food choices help to prevent disease are essential to living a healthy life.
    • Healthy living may also result in fewer trips to a doctor or paramedical practitioner, as well as less reliance on prescription drugs.
    • Follow government guidelines on mask wearing and physical distancing; most important of all, get vaccinated.
  • Get the most value from your plan. Take responsibility for how you use your benefits to help minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. It’s important to understand your benefits plan, including:
  • Use the tools provided by Medavie Blue Cross. Use the Medavie Blue Cross website or Mobile App for benefits information at your fingertips. You can submit claims instantly, get plan information, search for eligibility of prescription drugs or check coverage, sign up for direct deposit—and more!
  • Try to plan ahead. Prioritize how you use your benefit dollars. Knowing how you’re going to use your benefits may influence the coverage you select in the upcoming year.