Get Ready to Re-enrol

  • Think about how you used the plan last year. Do you wish you had chosen different coverage?
  • Are your or your family’s health and dental needs different from last year? Perhaps your financial situation has changed and you may need more or less financial security benefits—Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance or Long Term Disability (where eligible) coverage.
  • Review the plan options.
  • Prices for Health Care and Dental coverage may be changing. This could mean that there’s a better option for you, even if your needs haven’t changed. Learn more here.
  • Review your spouse’s plan. Ensure you coordinate your benefits coverage. It may mean that a less expensive health and/or dental option might work better for you because your spouse’s plan is also providing coverage.
  • Re-enrol by April 1, 2021, at 8 p.m. ET.

If I Die, Who Will Receive My Life and AD&D Insurance Benefits, and How Do I Know If I Have a Signed Beneficiary Form on File?

  • There’s only one way to know. Go to the Franchise Benefit Store.
  • Click the grey "Benefits" tab at the top, and then the green “Beneficiary Updates” tab to see your beneficiaries. If it says “Not assigned” by the beneficiary name, there is no signed form on file.

Don't Forget About Your Beneficiary(ies)

Submitting a signed Beneficiary Authorization form to SEB, our benefits administrator, is the only way to make your designation valid. It ensures that:

  • Your Life and AD&D insurance benefits are paid to your beneficiary (rather than your estate); and
  • The benefits are not paid to someone you don’t want to receive them.

If there is no signed form on file, your insurance benefit will be paid to your estate.

Be sure you complete, sign and mail in your Beneficiary Authorization form to SEB, our plan administrator.