Plan. Consider Your Needs

The franchise benefit plan is all about you. You determine your Health Care and Dental Care needs and then choose the options that will be right for you and your family. You’ll also need to think about your financial situation as you consider Life Insurance, AD&D Insurance as well as Short and Long Term Disability coverage (where available). If your needs change, you can adjust your coverage next year during annual re-enrolment.

Decide If You Need to Make Changes at Annual Re-enrolment

Remember, your health and dental needs change over time. The same is true for your life and accidental death and dismemberment needs. For example, someone with a mortgage and small children is going to have very different life insurance needs than an empty nester.

The ability to re-enrol in your benefits every year allows you to adjust your coverage as things change.

Even If Nothing Has Changed in Your Life

  • Changes to costs associated with some benefits might mean that there’s another option that would be better for you.
  • Look at the different options and the pricing on the Franchise Benefits Store during annual re-enrolment.
  • Think about what you need. Make sure you’ve got enough coverage to minimize your out-of-pocket costs. But also be sure you’re not paying for too much coverage—coverage that you really don’t need.
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